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Failure to follow these terms and conditions will result in the following:-
a) Caution Fee forfeited.
b) Promoter black listed.
c) Rental fees increased for subsequent events.

Schedule 1
The following documents form the contract:

  1.  The application form
  2. Letter of approval
  3. Terms and conditions document

a) The term licensee refers to event promoter, agent and or representatives of the promoter.
b) Buccoo Integrated Facility refers to Facility Manager and or his Representative.
c) Supervisor refers to N.M.T.S personnel on duty.
d) Officer on duty refers to N.M.T.S Security Officers, Fire Officers, Police Officers and Health and Safety Officers.



  1.  The Licensee  and or their agents or representatives  shall, at all times, conduct its activities with full regard for public safety and shall observe and abide by all applicable.rules, including without limitation, all emergency procedures, regulations and requests of Facility Manager and  or his representative or any authorized government agent, for example Officers of the Law and Fire Officers.
  2. The Licensee and or their agents or representatives shall be responsible for the conduct of all persons admitted to the Facility or any portion thereof in pursuant of their activity.
  3. The Licensee and or their agents or representatives is solely responsible for applying for and obtaining any  and all  required statutory  licenses or permit, from the various governmental agencies.
  4. The Licensee and or their agents or representatives shall be responsible for all personal items brought onto the property.
  5. The Licensee and or their agents or representatives shall ensure that all persons workingat the Facility in connection with the Event can produce, upon request and at all times, an identification badge provided by their respective employer or the Licensee. Badges must include the name of the wearer and the name of the wearerÂ’s employer.
  6. The Licensee and or their agents or representatives shall notify the Facility Manager and or his representative immediately in the event of an emergency, accident, injury or any other incident requiring first aid. The Licensee or its first aid personnel shall promptly complete an accident form and submit it the Facility Manager.
  7. Flammable or volatile materials are prohibited within the Facility unless approved, inadvance and in writing, by the fire marshal and or the Facility Manager.
  8. No portion of the entrances, exits, corridors, passageways, halls, lobbies, stairways,aisles, driveways, sidewalks, ramps or other common areas shall be obstructed or used for any other purpose that ingress and egress. All exit doors shall remain unlocked during the Event.
  9.  All move-in and move-out activities must be through designated loading areas. The main lobbies, side doors, are not to be used for such purposes, unless approved in advance by the Facility Manager.
  10.  All vehicles, forklifts and heavy equipment shall be removed from the premises at leastone (1) hour before the event is opened to attendees.
  11. Use of confetti or glitter anywhere on the facility is strictly prohibited unless approved, inadvance and in writing, by the Facility Manager.
  12.  No locks and or chains will be placed on any door of the facility for any reason.
  13. Under no circumstances should any exterior door be propped open or any automatic closing device, panic mullion be removed from any door of the facility.

Promoter must ensure the following conduct of their patrons. That they:


  • Do not disturb other members of the audience.
  • Please report any disturbance to the appropriate authority.
  • No smoking or illegal drugs on the premises.
  • Do not enter prohibited areas.
  • No pictures or videotaping is allowed without prior permission.

Load In:

  • Load in shall take place on the first day of the rental of the facility.
  • No rehearsals shall take place on the day(s) of load in, unless prior payments have been made.

Load Out:


  • All equipment, scenery, costumes and make up (the items) not owned by the BIF must be removed forthwith on the final day of rental of the facility. All items brought in will be destroyed or discarded forty eight (48) hours after the event and the caution fee forfeited.
  • Meeting rooms, changing rooms and restrooms must be vacated immediately at the end of the license period.

Open Flame Policy / Fire Safety:


  • Fire exits must not be obstructed: keep all aisles clear, all doors completely accessible and all paths clean and unimpeded.
  •  “EXIT” signs must not be blocked, turned off, lamped down or gelled.
  • Pull stations and fire extinguishers must be visible and easily accessible at all times.
  • Every supervisor and officer on duty should know the location and operation of all fire extinguishers and be prepared to indicate the emergency exits to the audience should a swift evacuation of the facility be necessary.
  • Nothing may be stored in the hallway, nor in front of the doors.
  • All wires and cables on the floor must be completely taped down. No wire should crossan exit, but should be routed up and over the door way.

Lighting and Sound Rules:

  • In order for your  production to run smoothly, a pre-production meeting with Buccoo Integrated Facility must be scheduled at least one (1) week prior to load in.

Event Protocols:

  • All  Buccoo Integrated FacilityÂ’s  concessioners on the premises would be operational during the events.
  • Warnings must be posted at entrances and on the program if any strobe, fog, haze, smoke, firearms or air horns are to be used during any activity or event.
  • Strike is the final clean-up; all scenery needs to be removed and stored or thrown away;lighting returned to its original configuration; all rental items returned; and the facility returned to its barest emptiest condition. At strike the following apply:


  1. The space must be left in a condition that is suitable for the next event.
  2. The caution fee will be forfeited if this is not done.


  • The Facility Manager and or his agents would decide on the staffing for the event.


  • The licensee and or his agents must at all times abide by the instructions of the Buccoo Integrated Facility officers on duty, the Facility Manager and his agents.

Cameras, Recording, Broadcasting and Communication Devices:

  • Any reproduction of events within the facilities is subject to prior approval by the facility manager

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