Our Booths


Here is the current listing of the booths at the Buccooo Integrated Facility:

Mangrove Shop

The Mangrove Shop at Buccoo Integrated Facility
John Trim
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 688-5940

Mel Bright Colours Craft

mel craft items or sale
Mary Leith
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 703-7303

Ice Cream Palour

Jann Campbelle
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 731-5893

Academy of Jewelry and Art

Jewellery Academy at Bussoo Intgrated Facility
Frank Wuenstel
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 313-1260

Angela’s Beauty Parlour

Angela Roberts
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 486-3181

Jackie’s Hand Made Jewelry, T-Shirts and Cultural Crafts

Jaqueline Anderson
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 366-4799

KNK Bakery

Anson Clarke
[icon icon=”phone”] 1 (868) 783-7014

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