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Buccoo Reef is the largest coral reef in Tobago and is one of the best known coral reefs in the Caribbean. It is reported that the reef was first visited sometime in the 1930’s. However, it is documented that the Aboriginals often fished and collected seafood from the abundant supply there as far back as the 1400’s.

The first glass-bottom boat started tours in the 1960’s, operating out of the Bon Accord Lagoon. The beauty of the coral formations, richness of sea life and the tranquillity of the Nylon Pool soon attracted numerous visitors. However, the reef has been damaged by over-eager visitors and pollution and by Hurricane Flora in 1963. In 1973 the Marine Area Order was passed and Buccoo Reef was at last designated a restricted area, thus making walking on the reef and the removal of flora and fauna, illegal. Today, one can board a glass-bottom boat and tour and enjoy the beauty of the Buccoo Reef in a convenient and fun atmosphere.

To learn more about the efforts being taken to ensure the preservation of the Buccoo Reef please read the following article  in it you will learn more about what the Buccoo Reef Management Committee is doing via legislation, enforcement  and education to protect the Buccoo Reef

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